Children’s Path through the Festival

Those traveling with children will definitely want to stroll into the Enchanted Forest, where at different times of the day, they might meet Giant Trolls, faeries, and pixies, and mayhap even Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men!

In your travels in our Shire’s Festival on this den, you and your wee nipperkins might enjoy such entertainments as:

  • Cheering the Joust! Trying out Free Archery! Watching Cirque Du Sewer!

  • Visiting the Kid’s Stage -- check times for meeting Robin Hood and Maid Marion and for seeing acts such as Faerie Tales & Storie Tyme and Flights of Fancy

  • Playing games such as the Mug Slide, the Tower of Doom, and Skittles

  • Supporting local girls by visiting the booth of the Girl’s Club of Greenfield (yum!)

  • Taking a quiet family break in the Children’s Glen ... changing table, coloring books, shade on a hot day, games for the wee ones

  • Venturing into the Enchanted Forest and meeting the magical dwellers within!

For more, check out our program. posted June 18th on our entertainment page.  We do hope you have a most wondrous time wandering the Shire!