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Bring the Family!

Bring the kids for a day full of fun and learning! Let them frolic in the Sapling Grove, shoot a round of archery, play games of skill at the Tavern, or watch as demonstrators re-create medieval life. Make family memories you'll cherish year after year!

See the Joust!

Come see brave knights on horseback jousting on our field of honor! Watch as they perform feats of skill and daring. This is a rare chance to get up close and see the action like no other festival!

Immerse yourself in Ole England!

Tis a festival day.  Wanderand taken some of the fine entertainment from the realm,  interact with the various characters, explore our Enchanted Forest, and dance with the gypsies in the glen! But beware of the Sheriff of Nottingham!

Shop the Marketplace!

You'll find all manner of treasures in our Medieval Marketplace! From costumes to candy, swords to masks, chainmail to leather goods, you'll discover trinkets you won't see anywhere else!