2016 Program & Schedule

Step back into the Middle Ages to the time of daring knights on horseback, fair maidens, mischievous sprites, and jolly jesters! Meet Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men! But don't let the Sheriff of Nottingham see you!

Plan your day(s)!  Check out the program out below!

                           See the Festival Map!

                           See the Festival Map!

       Download the 2016 Festival Program                                                here!

       Download the 2016 Festival Program                                                here!

What Entertainment, Spectacles and other amusements shall thee encounter within our gates?  Prithee read on!

In addition to Demonstrations, Activities and Shopping, Mutton and Mead has a wealth of entertainment to choose from.

The inhabitants of our fair shire shall carry on the tradition of Saint Bonaduce’s day and it’s doctrine of amnesty and peace. Everyone is invited to participate in singing, and dancing. Join in the festivities and raise your voices in harmony at the Tavern Singalong midday! Learn medieval country dances skillfully taught by Mistress Lizzie Lark twice during the day! Meet Robin Hood, Maid Marion, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and others as they roam about Nottingham. Meandering minstrels will provide joyful noises throughout the day. Enjoy the sweet harmonies of The Wandering Warblers and Early Music Ensemble, and the fife and strumming of Ramblin’ Roddy and Bertram Bach. Drop in to the Grove Stage for the Shire Life Sing.

FULL ARMOURED JOUST! Step back in time and witness an event fit for kings, queens and commoners alike. Witness knights in shining armor, ladies in majestic gowns, the grandeur of warhorses, all the pomp and pageantry you expect in a Royal Joust. By Roundtable Productions

PAULO GARBONZO, AND His Whirling, FLAMING SHOW (OF DEATH)! A world famous Jester and juggler will keep you at the end of your seats. Watch and laugh as danger and death close in on the amazing Paulo Garbonzo! How will he meet his end? By razor sharp blades? By fire? Or By the Globe of Doom! Watch as he risks his life your your amusement.

CIRQUE DE SEWER, the Acro-bat with Acro-rats! Probably the only Circus in the world of its kind, Cirque Du Sewerfeatures the circus skills of Melissa Arleth and her amazing trained vermin. The rats jump through flaming hoops, complete obstacle courses, and join Melissa on her slack rope for a finale that is truly unique. They are like Cirque du Soleil- only less Canadian

Take a Journey with THE VIXENS EN GARDE! Three beautiful women armed to the teeth bring Shakespere to life! This fast paced interactive swordfighting comedy show will keep you on the edge of your seat as only the Vixens En Garde can!

DIABOLIS INMUSICA blends medieval melodies and instrumentation with modern and international flavors, resulting in a uniquely timeless sound. The group’s repetoire is multicultural, drawing from ancient tunes from countries in Europe and the Middle East. Their name is drawn from 6th century’s Pope Gregory’s declarations outlawing of certain musical harmonies as diabolis in musica “the devil’s music.” It was... the Rock & Roll of the Dark Ages!

CU DUBH (Coo DOO) mixing eastern instrumentation and dance rhythms played on thundering Turkish war drums with dark original compositions played on Highland Bagpipes, they have carved a unique sound that calls back to ancient Celt brethren.

The Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute, and Society, or L.I.A.R.S., are a troupe of reformed wenches with delusions of standing. They find their delight in bringing song to every corner of the world they visit, and Nottinghamshire is no exception. Pop by any of their stage shows, or find them while busking, and let the Ladies serenade you with their lovely harmonies, or raise your spirits as they merrily sing traditional folk music.

BELOW THE GAFF will put a jump in your step with their lively tunes and a groan in your belly with their bad jokes which they promise to be still amusing. Dance along to traditional Irish folk songs, sea shanties and original pirate tunes played by Below the Gaff. Returning yet another year, from the farthest lands of the realm come the mesmerizing

CARAVAN DANCERS, showcasing two distinct performances inspired by music from long ago and far, far away. Live musical accompaniment by Diabolis in Musica & Cu Dubh and Friends. Dancers: Emily Joseph, Amy Cullen, Mikayela Scarano, Emma “Star” Worth, Kristie Speck, Rosemary Speck, Crystal Stillman, Karen Boyden, Robin Howard and friends.

Have a faerie experience or want to hear about others? FAERIE Tales & STORIE TYME invites shire children to a storytime gathering with a twist! Your children help write their story with the fairies. Interactive storytime for all ages! Saturday: Kay Lyons. Sunday: Raven Moon. You’ll hear tales of giants, faeries, and more!

Not burdened by an overabundance of self-awareness, RUFUS THE MUD BEGGAR will entertain you with his clever antics, word play, and musical talents.

Venture into the ENCHANTED SHERWOOD FOREST and meet faeries, sprites, pixies and other mysterious dwellers of these majestic woods. Come to the Enchanted Gathering! And be on the lookout, as there might even be a Parade bringing the faeries out of hiding and through the entire shire! The Enchanted Forest is put on by ROOTED REALMS, a New England based collaborative project featuring dancers, actors, acrobats, artists, and musicians from the region. www.rootedrealms.com

 Keep a sharp eye and an open ear for THE LONGSHANKS. Towering stories, myths, and legends from faraway lands and fanciful feats you can lose yourself in.

Meet Trolls, Fates and a living, speaking Tree. These magical and monstrous beings are brought to life by the SKELETON CREW THEATER.

Are you delighted by beautiful and uplifting sounds of traditional and contemporary Celtic music? Check out THE MISFITS OF AVALON, featuring Brian Weiland on the ancient and enchanting hammered dulcimer and mandolin, and Max Cohen on guitar and vocals.

Learn about something like love from the BUFFOONS in “An Accidental Wedding” - an unwilling groom, a jilted aunt, but all can be explained. Highly interactive, completely hilarious.

Be amazed by THE JOLLY JESTERS, a Medieval Circus that will delight all manner of folks with their feats of dexterity, juggling, balancing, tumbling and acrobatics, spiced with buffoonery. Partake in their juggling on the fly lessons!

THE ROAD TO CANTERBURY -- an interactive and humorous take on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, appropriate for children, brought to you by Piper the Pied Harpist and Company!

Gaze in on the AMAZING FLEA CIRCUS, a spectacle of miniature proportions, following its tiny hero through an adventurous day of performing incredible circus feats by means of brilliant theatrical tricks. Presented in actual size by the Sandglass Theater.

Travel on FLIGHTS OF FANTASY with Lady Serenity. She tells stories and sings songs about brave heroes and heroines, and misunderstood dragons.

Experience the mystical ministrations ED THE WIZARD as he pulls magic from the air while wandering the shire streets.

Try your hand at some music yourself with ROBIE BONES. Robie performs on variety of instruments including cow rib bones, pipe and tabor, wooden whistles and bodhrans. Robie greets his audiences arrival with energetic “bones playing.” MORRIS DANCING in a variety of styles will be performed throughout the day by various groups in the area.

Look to the Shire’s streets, nooks, paths and smaller stages and be delighted by many others such as A GOODLIE COMPANYE, and THE FOXES, FAHY’S FIELDS, THE CELTIC JAM, and more.