Get Involved!
Would you like to help build the magic of the Mutton and Mead Tavern? We are working on
getting things staged for our 2018 season where we will have alot of opportunities for folks to
help out.

In the meantime, feel free to read below, and contact us at
or sign up here

Mutton and Mead is a Robin Hood Themed festival  event coordinated by a small
group of dedicated people. Many elements come together to put the "fest" in "festival" offering
many ways for you to join our community.

Mutton and Mead Crews
Production & Support Crews:
Set Designers, Artists & Painting Crews.
Carpenters & Skilled Building Crews
Costuming Crews
Site Set-up Crews
Publicity & Promotions Crews
General Administrative Crews

Our Crews work independently or during scheduled "workdays" from January thru June to make
the festival happen.

Pre-Festival Volunteers:
Support Crews (Jan-June):
Set Designers, Artists & Painters
Carpenters & Skilled Builders (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
Costuming Help (Novice- Professional)

Publicity Crews (March-June):
Help Handing out promotional material
Delivering promo postcards local
Putting up posters

Site Set-up (2 weeks leading up to Festival Weekends):
Shrub Clearing and Removal
Putting Up Tents
Decorating "the Shire"
Moving Benches
Moving Hay bales

Festival Day Volunteers :
Main Gate
Information Booth
Concession Sales
Game Attendants
Children Area Attendants
General Assistance
Site Logistics Crews
The Green Team (Recycling, Compost collection and sorting)

We create an environment with a balance of work and fun for all of our crews. We also give all
volunteers (having fulfilled the volunteer requirements) free festival admission, a Mutton & Mead
T-Shirt and a certificate of appreciation.