Our festival host a wealth of activities beyond shopping and enjoying all the entertainment. 

Educational Demonstrations

  • BIRDS OF PREY: Birds in History. Not only will you be able to see Raptors, Falcons, and Owls up close, but you will also learn what role they played in Medieval Europe, as well as in the beautiful landscapes and ecosystems of “New” England! Stop by our tent or come to one of our discussions.
    See the Map for times.

  • DRAUGAR VINLANDS: See a lively and accurate portrayal of combat and culture during Viking Age Scandinavia. Combining both historical and experimental archaeology, Draugar Vinlands brings a vivid view of Viking life, culture, and combat. In their encampment you will find the clothing, tools, weapons, and technology available to the people of Dark Age Scandinavia.

  • LEATHER WORKING: Learn more about the long history of leather-working up close. Become familiar with the tools of the trade, materials, and how you can get started.

  • THE SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISM: An organization celebrating pre-17th century history, providing a window into the times of Medieval England, with demonstrations in textile arts, medieval cooking, combat, archery, and more.

Armory and Swords

  • WORCESTER HISTORICAL SWORDSMANSHIP & the PIONEER VALLEY FENCING ACADEMY: Presenting demonstrations of and lessons in the authentic European martial

    arts of Classical and Historical Fencing.
    Look for the schedule posted by the green and yellow tent.

  • ARMORED AND EQUESTRIAN ARTS GUILD: Learn more about jousting, archery, sword fighting, and other combat arts.

  • BLACKSMITHING GUILD: Ongoing forge and anvil filing demonstrations on the making of swords, knives, feast utensils, arrowheads, brooches, and fishing hooks, plus the opportunity for you to make an arrow on an anvil! Watch, learn, and try! Ted Hinman, Armene Margosian, Scott Palmer, Seth Gray, Kaylie O’Doherty, Craig Surette, and Cameron Hardy.
    Drop by for their schedule of demos.

  • HISTORICAL ARCHERY DEMO: Arrows, bows, some shooting, and more! See how Robin Hood would have actually shot, and what his bows and arrows would have been like. Check posted schedule for details.