2017 Vendor Applications

Mutton & Mead Medieval Festival 2017 will be a two day event held on June 24th and 25th. Vending space is limited and not all applicants will be accepted. Vendor selection will be based on a number of factors, most important of which is the type of product being sold with emphasis placed on handmade items. Furthermore, in order to help create a more engaging festival, all vendors will be asked to dress in period-attire, and make their vending area appear authentic.  While we recognize that certain vendors have definite site requirements, your ability to be flexible in site placement is helpful and appreciated. You may be asked to send photos and other supporting documents after submitting the form below.

IMPORTANT:  Vendor Application Deadline is 3/1/2017.

Please direct all questions to our Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival Vendor Manager, through the following email: vendors@muttonandmead.org.

If you are accepted to be a vendor, you will be sent a contract, and participant pass request form which will need to be returned, along with proof of insurance, before your application is considered final.

Owner / Operator Name *
Owner / Operator Name
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Registered business address if applicable.
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Below are your options and prices for the 2015 festival. Please note, as Mutton & Mead is a two day festival we do not offer one day vendor options outside of the Wandering Merchant category. Electricity (110v) is available for an additional charge.
Food vendors requiring electricity (110v only please) may obtain it from Mutton & Mead for $25.00 (basic use). Electricity is only available in one area and unfortunately there is zero flexibility in this. If you do not absolutely require electricity to function we suggest that you do not request it.
If you are requesting electricity, please outline your amperage and wattage needs, including a list of the equipment you need to run.
4000 character limit
Food vendors will be required to obtain a permit from the Montague Board of Health.
Mutton and Mead allows camping but does not provide a campground. All tents and camping equipment must be taken down and out of site during the faire.