How can you get involved?

Pardon the mess. Stay tuned as we are updating our website, including opportunities for your to get involved!

Mutton and Mead offers great opportunities for Artists, Actors, Entertainers, Musicians, Artisans, Crafters, Educators, Charities, Local Businesses, and others who want to help build this special event.

Mutton and Mead's Shire Cast:
Our Shire Cast is at the heart of Mutton and Mead’s interactive experience.  Each cast member plays a character or role from the story of Robin Hood, our beloved Mutton and Mead Tavern or Nottingham Shire. Interested in helping us populate the shire. To join the shire click here 

Stage & Street Performers (Solo or performing troupes):
Performers, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Shire Cast, Stage Shows, Jugglers, Acrobats take to our streets and stages INCLUDING: The Enchanted Forest & Gypsy Glen Caravan .  To perform with us click here

Demonstrators & Educational Activities:
We are seeking artisans, crafters, educators, living history interpreters and general history buffs, to bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to Mutton and Mead. Click here to become a demonstrator!

Creative, Theatrical & Educational Collaborations
We are seeking out individuals, groups and organizations interested in collaborating on Creative, Theatrical, Musical and or educational projectsand programs in our region.  Are you creative and have/want experience putting together a show, an educational program? Would you be interested helping someone out who does?  Contact us here.

Support Crew:
Help organize, develop & coordinate Artists & Designers, Carpenters & Skilled Builders, Theater, Stage, Costuming & Production Crew, General Interns & Day Volunteers. Click here to learn more

Artisans, Crafters, & Merchants interested in selling Jewelry, Art, Clothing, leather, Sculptors, Wood Work, Other Crafts & Tasty Victuals. Click here to apply!

Become a Sponsor or Advertise With Us:
Sponsoring or advertising with us is a great way to connect with our community. Community engagement is important to us.  If you are interested please contact us. If you are interested in advertising with click here to learn more about advertising!

Other Collaborations:
Individuals, Organizations & Businesses interested in creating collaborations that help strengthen our community and or our festival experience. Click here to contact us!