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Each year we try to encourage festival patrons generosity with various incentives from ticket discounts to festival tokens.  Check out our current year's promotions to see how we are thanking you!

Mutton & Mead is community driven. With the help of sponsors, collaborations with other organizations, and the dedication of our Vendors, Performers, and Educators, Mutton and Mead continues to build an event that helps support our local and extended community.

Mutton & Mead actively seeks out and builds collaborations with local organizations and our festival participants that aim to support and promote Noble community causes andendeavors.  We are always looking for interesting and creative ways to support and engage with the community throughout the year and during our festival.  If you have an idea, contact us.

Mutton & Mead hosts a yearly Food Drive at the festival for The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. or a partnering agency. The food will be gathered and stored by staff and volunteers of The Food Bank, ready to be taken away each day to a local shelter.

Mutton & Mead also works to provide support the Montague Common Hall (formerly the Grange) located in Montague Center. The Montague Common Hall has served the community for over 100 years and continues to do so, providing a place for the community to gather, be entertained, share and connect. We are honored to offer the support we do, and hope to do more in the future.

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A more detailed explanation of our Community Engagement  can be found here.