A brief History (to be expanded):
In 2011 the Knighten Guild,  a small group of dedicated individuals with a desire to bring a cool new event to the Pioneer Valley set out to create the Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival, in collaboration with the Millers Falls Rod and Gun Club.  After three difficult but rewarding years, with an eye towards building a sustainable future for the Mutton and Mead Medieval Festival and other endeavors, we embarked on the exciting transition from an unofficial association to a not for profit corporation; The Knighten Guild and Company.   

The Knighten Guild and Company aims to:
- Broaden regional entertainment, recreation, and education offerings through the creation of a sustainable, multifaceted, community minded “medieval themed” festival and community.
-Provide avenues for performers, educators, crafters, artisans, business and audiences to connect and support and promote their talents and endeavors.
-Expand the Scope of our Theatrical troupe training, as well as community volunteering

-Support local community organizations' (such as The Food  Bank of Western Massachusetts,  The Montague Grange/Common Hall, Cancer Connection,  4-H etc) efforts to strengthen and serve the community.

Below please find a link to our Community Engagement and the Knighten Guild and Company Organizational.  If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Knighten Guild Board of Directors
David Agro (President)
Karen Webb (Treasurer & Clerk)
Denise Milkey  
James Brule
Want to contact the board?  Click here to contact the Knighten Guild Board.

Community Engagement: Click here for complete summary
The mission of The Knighten Guild, a 501(c)(3) arts non-profit, is to foster a collaborative environment and community for participatory theatre, encourage people to express their creativity, and challenge them to extend their concept of both community and art through our annual Mutton & Mead Medieval Festival. Our work serves two overlapping, interconnected communities: those who attend the festival and those who either directly or indirectly participate in its creation. Ancillary to this, we also believe in doing “good” in the community we call home.  

Supporting and strengthening our local community is achieved through a combination of (1) providing an opportunity for community organizations to fundraise at our event, (2) generating income for organizations by paying for their services in connection with our event, (3) making cash donations to other charitable causes, and (4) collecting cash donations on behalf of other non-profits.

Click here to read a summary of the collaborations we have built in the community.

Click Here to view Knighten Guild Organizational Documents