2018 Shire Cast Audition Form

Thanks for your interest in Mutton and Mead. We are looking forward to another great season! 

Two Weekends:

Saturday February 3rd & Sunday February 4th & Saturday February 10th
10 AM and 2 PM
Sunday February 11th Call backs, and the snow day makeup.

Please fill in the audition form below carefully.  You might find it helpful to review the questions first to ensure you have all the necessary information.  If you have a resume, please attempt to copy and paste relevant sections to our form.  Resumes & Headshots and any questions regarding auditions, can also be sent to us at shirecastauditions2018@muttonandmead.org

If you are a musician or singer interested in accompanying the cast in their shows feel free to fill out this form (ignoring parts that do not apply), or contact us directly at the e-mail address above.

Interested in performing at Mutton and Mead this year independently as a stage or street act or as a woodsprite, forest nymph or other enchanted creature?  Send an email to programming@muttonandmead.org for details.

  We have had some intermittent issues receiving forms.  We are trying to troubleshoot the matter with technical support. In the meantime, please compile your answers in such a way that you have a back-up- just in case. . We apologize for the inconvenience.

Name *
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Please note that we do not currently have a youth program(under 16). The number of youth (16-18) we can accept is limited.
Audition Scheduling
Audition Times *
We will be holding general auditions Two Weekends: Saturday February 3rd & Sunday February 4th & Saturday February 10th 10 AM and 2 PM Sunday February 11th Call backs, and the snow day makeup (Times to be determined) BELOW PLEASE INDICATE WHAT TIMES SLOTS YOU ARE AVAILABLE. You may chose more than one slot. If you are unavailable on our audition weekend please indicate that and fill out the remainder of this form, letting us know your circumstances in the "Audition Scheduling Comments" section. For questions regarding the audition process please visit http://www.muttonandmead.org/our-shire-cast/ Thank you.

If you have an idea, let us know. You can always change your mind. Please note your monologue should be about 1 minute. It can be abridge to meet this time restraint.
Anything we should know about your availability or audition plans?
Performance Related Skills
These questions aim to get a sense of what skills you have that we might want to utilize while casting you. We provide our cast with training and guidance in all these areas to ensure that actors of all levels are prepared come festival day
If you have a theatrical resume you would like to provide, please do so by emailing it to auditions@muttonandmead.org, once you have completed and submitted this form.
Character or Role preference
The Shire Cast is at the heart of Mutton and Mead’s interactive experience. Each cast member plays a character/role from the story of Robin Hood, our beloved Mutton and Mead Tavern or Nottingham Shire.

Possible roles include: Robin Hood, A Merry Man/Woman, Maid Marian, Maid Marian’’s Chaperone, Maid Marion’’s ill father, King Richard, Prince John, Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlett, Alan a’’dale, The Tavern Keeper, A Tavern Wench, Tavern Cook, Washer "Wench", Nobility (King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Lady or Lord), The (evil) Sheriff, Guy Gisbourne, Visiting Emissary, Sheriff”s Band miscreant, Sheriff’s (bumbling) Guard, A towns Person, The Black Smith, Black Smith’’s Son/Daughter, Hopeless Minstrel, Miserably Doomed townsmen/woman, The Executioner, the Surgeon Barber, the Medicine Woman, The Captured Merry man/woman, An Honest Thief, Snooty Upper-class Lady/Lord, Benevolent Noble, The Town Tinker, Spy to the Sheriff.

Please take a moment to describe the ”type” of character/role you would like to play or feel you would be good at playing. If there is a specific role or roles you are interested in from the above list, describe how you would approach that character and how you would like it to be perceived by the audience. Please note that some roles are less flexible than others as the day’s plot depends heavily on that roles’ character. i.e The Sherriff has to be a “bad guy."
Production related skills
As part of our preparation process for festival we schedule a number of workdays to Build Costumes as well as to Build and Paint Sets and Backdrops. Please list any related experience you might have in Costume Design and Sewing, in carpentry, painting drawing that might come in handy for our production.
Additional Information
If you have any medical conditions, pre-existing and/or recurring injuries we should be aware of during this audition, or that could affect your ability to physically participate in workshops or perform, please outline them below: